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China, Yenan, Zhou Enlai, reclining, close-up

China, Yenan, Zhou Enlai, reclining, close-up.
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Wilbur J. Peterkin/Villon Films
Images relating to the 1944 film Mission To Yenan which documents the story of the wartime mission by the US to the Chinese Communists in their headquarters in Yenan, China. This film was made in 1944 by the Office of Strategic Service (OSS) but was suppressed and never shown. The Villon Films produced documentary The Dixie Mission is the response to that film.
Mission To Yenan The Dixie Mission
Mission To Yenan
Materials relating to the 1944 film, Mission To Yenan about Chinese Communists and the US, and the Villon documentary response, The Dixie Mission.