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Licensing and Contact


By e-mail: (UK)

By e-mail: (CA)

By Mail: Villon Films, 4040 Ontario St. Vancouver, BC, CANADA V5V 3G5

Licensing Partners

We also work alongside some of the world's premier archive sites in distributing Villon material, including:

Global Image Works

Licensing FAQ

All assets (Films / Stills / Other ) on the website are available for a variety of uses. In some cases we have the original items (Negatives, Films, Video masters) so can make recommendations for re-scanning, or new transfers to be made. This may well incur additional costs.

Africa Use

Villon Films offers discounts to all customers based in Africa (cross-sector) seeking to use films and stills from the collection. This is, and always has been, an important aspect of Villon: to give affordable access to our substantial South African and pan-African collections to those creative and educational organisations and individuals that want to work with them.

Commercial Use

Villon Films has decades of experience working and collaborating with broadcasters, production companies and media managers. We have bases in Canada and the UK, and so will respond promptly to your enquiries as soon as possible, no matter the timezone.

Start by searching the catalogue, then contact us to discuss your production in more detail. Film asset pages only display clip extracts, but we can supply full-duration time-coded screeners for you to work with.

Using our in-depth knowledge of the Villon archive, there may also be supplementary material offline that we can source for you that is not yet on the website catalogue.

Non-Commercial and Personal Use

We welcome working with partners in the non-commercial sector. Whether you’re looking for films or stills to use in an exhibition, installation, at a festival, a one-off screening, or for any other non-commercial purpose, we can help. The films and stills available online are just a taster of the diverse collection; contact us to discuss in more detail.

We can also provide films or stills for Personal Use only, so if you have a research project underway and you would like to use our collections for study, do get in touch.

Educational Use

We partner and collaborate with a host of educational institutions around the world, from individual schools and colleges, to those in higher education and academia. Our materials can be used in a variety of educational contexts, and depending on the project can be offered at a discounted rate. We can also curate specialist sub-collections (films and stills) based around curriculum needs or thematic research interests.