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Siliva The Zulu

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South Africa
Dramatic silent fiction feature, a first look at Zulu life in South Africa.
Physical formats available:
16mm, Betacam SP
Digital formats available:
Quicktime (Pro Res)
Audio & visual:
Silent, Black & White

In 1927, Lido Cipriani, an anthropologist from the University of Florence, and Captain Attilio Gatti, a specialist in wildlife filming, led an expeditoin to Zululand in South Africa.

There they made Siliva, a romantic look at Zulu lufe. The film is a mix of traditonal ritual, folklore, and witchraft. Distorted, and outdated, as it is as a presentation of Zulu life early in the twentieth century, it nevertheless contains authentic elements. It shoudl be viewed both as an example of Western concepts of 'the tribal' and as a the first serious attempt to record Zulu life and culture.

Director: Attilio Gatti
Scientific director: Lidio Cipriani
Technical director: Guiseppe P. Vitrotti
Siliva the Zulu 1927
Materials relating to the dramatic silent fiction feature, Siliva the Zulu. A first look at Zulu life in South Africa.