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Spanish-American Civil War - Various

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United States of America
Contents. Advance guard return of NJ troop. Astor Battery on parade. Burial of Maine victims. Early Morning Attck (reconstruction). Troops disembarking. Cuban refugees waiting for rations. Cuban volunteers embarking. Cuban volunteers marching formations. Samson and Schley controversy (Tea Party 1901). Troops at evacuation of Havana (1899). Transport Whitenet leaving dock. Transport ship at Port Tampa. President Roosevelt and Rough Riders (1903). Landing of US troops near Santiago. Military camp at Tampa. Admiral Sampson on board the flagship. 100th US Infantry disembarking. Skirmish of Rough Riders.
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Stock Footage, B-roll, Newsreels
A collection of various newsreels B-roll, out-takes from the early 20th Century through to the 1980s, from Europe, Cuba, South and North America, Africa.