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Newsreel - African Mirror - Compilation - South African Cinema

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Extract 2 - Distribution
Extract 3 - Silent film clips
South Africa
Piece on SA films for Worldwide Distribution followed by Newsreel on Preserving ‘Our Movie History’ and a short reel of South African silent film clips, and Edison silents.
Digital formats available:
Quicktime (Pro Res)
Audio & visual:
Silent, Black & White

Silents and clips include arrival of Paul Kruger in Amsterdam, 1900, capture of Boer battery, Anglo-Boer war, tanning hides motorbikes, white cinema queue.

Stock Footage, B-roll, Newsreels
A collection of various newsreels B-roll, out-takes from the early 20th Century through to the 1980s, from Europe, Cuba, South and North America, Africa.