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Recon Reunites

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This documentary pays tribute to the Reconnaissance Army Veterans, 4th of the 23rd of the 25th Infantry Division.
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Members of this battalion during the years it was deployed in Vietnam died on average every 5 days, a total of 329 killed in action. Many of the survivors have found healing in reaching out and doing recon to find their fellow brothers; reuniting them together to remember and honor their fallen comrades while helping each other in healing the wounds of war and continuing a productive life. This film is dedicated to Vietnam Veteran “Ike” A. Vincent Massi and all Veterans who died during and after the war and to their surviving loved ones.

Director: Ron Mulvihill
Editor: Gus Ramos
Gris-Gris Films
Formed in 1994, Gris-Gris Films is an independent production company dedicated to producing films whose subject matter and message tap the highest aspiration of the creative impulse.