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The Chopi Series: Song of Sadness (Ndando Yawusiwana)

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South Africa
A personal lament from Chopi composer Venancio Mbande about the murder of his sister.
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In Chopi culture, an ndando is a song that can be used for many purposes, both formal and informal. But regardless of their use, these songs mainly serve as oral histories about past important events or about people who have died.

Venancio’s piece is a song of grief and sad remembrance. These types of ndando not only help bring closure to tragic events, they also serve as a link, because when this type of ndando is performed, the Chopi feel that actual contact is made between the singer and the departed loved one.

In this film, the details of the event are explained and then counterpointed with Venancio’s poetic rendition of this in his song.

Composer and performer: Venancio Mbande
Narrator: Champ Ramohuebo
Producer & director: Gei Zantzinger
Camera: Cliff Bestall
Editor: Ben Levin
Sound: Gei Zantzinger
Field Research: Rosemary Logie & Philippa Harris
Constant Spring Productions
Ethnomusicologist Gei Zantzinger was an independent filmmaker and student of folklore who began making films in Africa in 1966, collaborating with musicians and other notable ethnomusicologists and filmmakers. His career in the social sciences spanned nearly 50 years. Gei’s efforts resulted in a broad collection of 17 extraordinary films made between 1966 and 1997 that examine the roles that oral traditions, music and dance play in preserving and informing personal, cultural and spiritual identity in disparate communities around the world.
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