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Newsreel - South Africa Historical - 1950s-60s

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South Africa
Various newsreeel items in South Africa.
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Silent, Black & White

Cape Town in 50s. Memorials. Bus Boycott protests. Arrival of PM MacMillan, Feb. 1960.  President Verwoerd escorts him. (This was when MacMillan made his famous “Winds of Change” speech.) Verwoerd unveils statue - Unknown Warrior?   More of Verwoerd. Bus unloads anti-apartheid campaigners. State of Emergency 1960. Armoured cars. Speeches by Verwoerd and others. Funeral of Verwoerd, assassinated. Verwoerd in retrospect.

Stock Footage, B-roll, Newsreels
A collection of various newsreels B-roll, out-takes from the early 20th Century through to the 1980s, from Europe, Cuba, South and North America, Africa.