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Pete Seeger: A Song And A Stone

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United States of America
Engaging glimpses of one of the greatest Americans of the 20th Century in his personal and historical context in this film by Robert Elfstrom. The footage here, dating from 1972,takes you to concerts, antiwar demonstrations, conversations with friends and family members, his famous Clearwater Sloop The film highlights such events as Seeger’s anti-Vietnam war stance, his battle to clean up the Hudson with the Clearwater sloop, a rare appearance on television on the Johnny Cash Show, his remembrances of Woody Guthrie and family gatherings especially with wife Toshi and with his father, the renowned musicologist Charles Seeger. And of course many, many great folk songs performed in Seeger’s unforgettable style.
Audio & visual:
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Director: Robert Elfstrom
Robert Elfstrom
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