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Oscar Mpetha Free

primary_youtube_id: uWfuCCTLMl8
South Africa
The ANC activist, released from prison, talks about his life, and meets old comrades.
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The footage features Ray Alexander Simons (ANC activist, trade unionist), Mme Lesia is woman in hat and sunglasses (9mins), Esther Mpetha is Oscar Mpetha daughter, she is the woman looking after him. She is interviewed at the end. Makhaya Mpetha (16mins), Christmas Tinto (17mins), Norma Mpetha (20mins), Zolile Malinde (at 34mins) Musa Mpetha (1h27mins).The other two little boys are Gerald Mpetha and Ernest Mpetha.

South Africa Interviews
Unedited Interviews with South African (and some American) writers, journalists and activists made in the late ‘80s, mostly on the subject of censorship and films. Plus production stills and transcripts.