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African Jim, Dolly Rathebe with Daniel Adnewmah

African Jim, Dolly Rathebe with Daniel Adnewmah.
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© Producer Eric Rutherford
South Africa
Singer and performer Dolly Rathebe with Daniel Adnewmah on the set of the 1949 Donald Swanson film, African Jim.
African Jim
African Jim
3 Tsostis peer round a corner, from the South African film, Jim Comes To Jo'burg or African Jim..
Collection of film and stills for South Africa’s first feature film aimed largely at a black audience.
Film Stills
Production images, promotional materials, and behind the scenes stills from a series of South African and American films.
Dolly Rathebe
South African Singer Dolly Rathebe in yellow dress singing into a microphone on stage..
These images capture the visit of South African singer Dolly Rathebe to the Netherlands in 2000, alongside related items from previous decades.