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The Mbira Series: Matepe Dza Mhondoro - A Healing Party

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This film looks at the music and activities of a spirit medium healing ceremony, detailing some of the Matepe song structures and rhythms.
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A vignette of the music and activities at a healing party held at Mukota, North East Zimbabwe at the home of a sick woman. A trio of matepe dza mhondoro plays under the leadership of Saini Murira, together with rattles, drum, singers and dancing by two mediums, who interrupt the music to enact the treatment of the patient. With Saini Murira and Thomas Dzamwarira.

Producer: Gei Zantzinger (University of Pennsylvania Museum)
Director: Andrew Tracey (International Library Of African Music)
Camera: Les Blank
Sound: Gei Zantzinger
Editor: Conley Benfield
Field Engineer: Bud Huggler
Narrator: Rosemary Logie
Constant Spring Productions
Ethnomusicologist Gei Zantzinger was an independent filmmaker and student of folklore who began making films in Africa in 1966, collaborating with musicians and other notable ethnomusicologists and filmmakers. His career in the social sciences spanned nearly 50 years. Gei’s efforts resulted in a broad collection of 17 extraordinary films made between 1966 and 1997 that examine the roles that oral traditions, music and dance play in preserving and informing personal, cultural and spiritual identity in disparate communities around the world.
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