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Sons Of Uncle Tom - Deep South

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United States of America
Outtakes from a Swedish TV documentary about the Deep South, civil rights and racism.
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Features Fannie Lou Hamer, an American voting and women's rights activist, community organizer, and a leader in the civil rights movement. The work includes interviews and photos of Whitney Young, Roy Wilkins, Ralph Bunche, James Farmer, Lewis Michaux, John Lewis, James Baldwin, Bob Moses, Malcolm X, A. Philip Randolph, Bayard Rustin, Blyden Jackson, Joe Lewis, Rev. Dukes’  and church (Harlem), demonstrations, Harlem, Hubert F. Jordan (“Black Eagle”, Harlem), Elmer A. Carter, Alabama prison vehicles, Miss. State Penitentiary, Mayor Charles Simpson (Greenwood, Miss.), Rev. Lee Burns (Kirby, SC), Sumter and Mayesville, SC, Sheriff George Smith (Jackson, Miss.), Robert Smith (White Citizens’ council (Greenwood, Miss.), Gov. George Wallace (Birmingham), and more.

Robert Elfstrom
Films and stills from Swedish filmmaker, Robert Elfstrom.
Robert Elfstrom, Civil Rights 1964
Photos taken by cinematographer and film-maker Robert Elfstrom during the year of 1964 in New York, and the Deep South of the United States of America, at a time of Civil Rights protest and campaigning.