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De Voortrekkers (Winning A Continent) - Poster

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De Voortrekkers (Winning A Continent) - Poster.
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South Africa
Dramatic feature of the Great Trek and Battle of Blood River. This feature film from 1916 tells the story of South Africa’s Boer pioneers in their epic trek across southern Africa in search of new land.
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It concentrates on the struggle aginst the Zulu inhabitants, which the Boers eventually won atthe Battle of Blood River in 1938. But it is of course history told from the point of view of the conqueror, and shows us a a Zulu enemy heathen, treacherous, and barbaric. This is 'history' just as mythologized as the American conquest of the West,concealing brutal conquest and theft of land.

Small collection of posters relating to the Villon Films archive.