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Black Sea Voyage Of Healing

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A circumnavigation of the Black Sea, looking at ecology, economy, politics and religion in the post-Communist era Greek Orthodox Church/environment.
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The Black Sea separates Europe from Asia, and is a great trading area. It has a rich history of human cultural exchange, and a unique bio-diversity. For thousands of years, people have lived off its bounty. But pollution from Europe’s industries, carried by great rivers like the Danube, Don and Dniester, are killing off the ocean. In the short space of ten years, 21 out of 26 different species of fish have been lost. Creatures like the Black Sea dolphin are endangered.

The region is in a political and economic disarray following the collapse of the Communist empire. People face a crisis of survival, and there is little incentive to face ecological challenges. This documentary chronicles a circumnavigation of the sea, visiting the countries of Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey in search of solutions to the problems of the region. Problems ecological, economic, and spiritual. Made with the support of British Columbia Film.

Director: Peter Davis
Peter Davis
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