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Maasai Remix

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Maasai Remix follows three Maasai individuals who—in the United Nations, a Tanzanian village, an American university—confront challenges to their community by drawing strength from local traditions, modifying them when necessary, and melding them with new resources.
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Adam Mwarabu advocates for Maasai pastoralists rights to land in international political spheres. Evalyne Leng’arwa pursues a college education in the USA, having convinced her father to return 12 cows to a man contracted to marry her. Frank Kaipai, the village chairman, faces opposition as he promotes secondary school education and tries to save the village forest. Sharing a goal of Maasai self-determination in an ever-changing world, Adam, Evalyne and Frank innovate while maintaining an abiding respect and love for their culture.

Director: Ron Mulvihill
Director: Kelly Askew
Original Film Score: Peter Breithaupt
Gris-Gris Films
Formed in 1994, Gris-Gris Films is an independent production company dedicated to producing films whose subject matter and message tap the highest aspiration of the creative impulse.