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Out of Despair - Ithuseng

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South Africa
The story of the creation of a unique community health centre, ITHUSENG is told by its creator, Dr. Mamphela Ramphele, who was banished there by the ‘apartheid’ government because of her role in the Black Consciousness Movement and her association with its leader, Steve Biko.
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At ITHUSENG she transformed the lives of poor people into a cohesive health and community-run venture which was an example to the world. Ramphele later became Vice-Chancellor of the Univ. of Cape Town, a Deputy Director of the World Bank, is an author of several books and a key voice in the new South Africa.

Director: Lindy Wilson
Lindy Wilson Productions
Lindy Wilson is a South African documentary film-maker whose films have been broadcast locally and internationally. Through her films she has chartered graphic aspects of South Africa’s history under apartheid and its transition to democracy and has recorded its capacity to face the gross human rights atrocities of the past through the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Her films are used as archival witness in universities and museums.